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Students are slipping into more and more debt by the second. Increasing tuition and ancillary fees as well as living costs are putting a big dent in all of our pockets. That’s why the your students’ union is proud to be active in the national Studentsaver discount program. This non-profit program, owned and operated by the Canadian Federation of Students-Services, encourages local businesses to offer discounts to students.

The Studentsaver discount program provides discounts at a variety of business across our region, the province, and Canada. No matter where you live in the community there are some discounts right at your doorstep. Each year your students’ union engages local businesses to partner on discounts for you. Discounts range from 10% to 25% or higher and encompass a wide-range of activities and commodities that students routinely purchase including restaurant meals, clothing, salon services, school supplies, computer merchandise, and automotive maintenance. So be sure to get your Studentsaver card from the back of your Member Handbook and Dayplanner.

This service is wholly owned and operated by your students' union and the Canadian Federation of Students.


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